Curves Is Fashion


  Style and Beauty are two words that speak the wholeness of a woman, but the meaning of these go deeper than what you see on the outside. Beauty is from the heart and Style is your personality. In Curves Is Fashion, we focus on bringing out  your beauty and style from within and let the world see you as you appear on the outside.  We facilitate re-discovery of what your style from the inside as we cultivate your confidence that each of us has our unique beauty surpassing beyond the standard of the modern world.

Our Mission is with a little help of styling and beauty tools invented by men plus our skills in personal styling, we are committed to make you feel amazing from within  and the rest will flow to how you perceive the way you look at yourself. 


About the Founder

Verna Bohn is an accounting professional but her passion with fashion and personal styling overflows that she needed to share it to the women who has the same heart as she has.  She believes firmly that every girl in the world are imperfectly beautiful, and in order to see that beauty, she needs to start  from within. 

When Verna launched Curves Is Fashion on Feb of 2012,  she carefully  designed the event with a lot of thoughts,  the launching, a runway show, was a showcase of her skill to style. The models were in different sizes and shapes,  but the most challenging yet very exciting part was  all the outfit that the models were wearing on the runway were all from her closet.  It was a theme show as well, styling was focused on how to wear your outfit based on the model's personality and lifestyle, on top of that, it was for anti-bullying campaign.   

After the launching, she got invited to a numerous beauty events and fashion shows as the creative director. 

For her this could be hard work, but it's never work. Passion carried her through. That's why she founded Project: The Amazing Her, to help girls from a young age to feel good about themselves, to feel confident, to rise above bullying....to be courageous and most of all to be beautiful in STYLE.